Troubleshooting Guide for Floppy to USB emulator

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Question. I have installed floppy to usb emulator on my machine and its Green Led on the front panel of usb as floppy drive emulator is permanently on? When I disconnect the data cable the green light in front of the floppy drive to usb emulator goes off ?

Answer. The front green led indication on floppy disk to usb converter symbolizes a busy signal. In normal correct scenario the green led should only glow when the floppy to usb emulator installed on the equipment is trying to read or write to the usb flash drive. Most probably this error occurs when the FDD interface cable is reversely plugged into the floppy drive to usb converter. Kindly twist the interface cable in such a way that the green/black/red lined side of data cable points to the other direction. To summarize, if the 34 pin FDD interface cable which is installed on floppy disk to usb emulator will have the green/black/red lined side  is towards the power connector side , just reversely plug it so that the green/black/red lined side is pointing away from the power connector of floppy to usb emulator.

Question. I have formatted the USB flash drive with your application so that it becomes compatible with floppy to usb converter. But when keeping it plugged in computers usb port , I try to see the other blocks created its states that it is UNFORMATTED. Please suggest

Answer. This normally happens when you try to format the USB Flash drive in a computer which is infected with virus. The virus does not allow creating blocks on usb flash drive which also makes usb flash drive non compatible with usb as floppy emulator. We recommend to check for any suspicious files like autorun.inf in the flash drive. You can use cmd command in run option. Then go to the USB flash drive letter by issues command at cmd f: ( we assume that usb flash has been assigned F drive letter ). Then issue command dir /a/s. See for  check for any suspicious files like autorun.inf or any other unnecessary files in the flash drive. To reconfirm the correct format operation, after formatting, just unplug and re-plug the usb flash drive in computer's usb port . Check its properties to see if has been successfully formatted as per your needs or format size, or if still it is in full sized format capacity. Like if you have formatted it in 1.44 mb format size , its properties should show 1.38 MB free and Zero bytes used. Once you have checked this you will be able to usb this in floppy to usb emulator.

Question. After inserting the usb flash drive in the usb port of floppy disk to usb upgrade kit the 7 segment display in front displays does not change from “0.0.” to “00” , and it does not read . What has happened? How could this be resolve?

Answer. When you insert the usb flash as floppy in the usb port of floppy to usb emulator and the 7 segment  display does not remove the dots in between the numbers , means the usb flash drive which is being inserted into the floppy drive to usb emulator is not being detected or is not compatible and will not treat usb as floppy. Either the USB flash drive is not compatible with the floppy drive to usb emulator or the flash drive has gone faulty. Please replace the usb flash drive. These issues commonly arise with USB flash drives that are not backward compatible with USB 2.0 technology. Few brands which we do not recommend to be used with floppy to usb converters are Sandisc, Transcend. The recommend media to be used as usb as floppy are Kingston Data Traveller series.

Question. I have installed the floppy drive to usb adapter in my CNC machine. The green busy indicator does not come when we try to read or write. How could this be resolved?

Answer. Please re-check your cable connections of floppy drive to usb adapter. Try reversing the side of fdd cable at the usb as floppy emulator end. See if the Green light glows continuously. If yes, then the reverse the fdd cable connector again. By doing this reversal at the floppy to usb converter end, we just verified that cable was initially plugged in right direction. In case the problem persists, some jumper settings need to be done at the usb as floppy disk emulator end. At the back of floppy drive to usb emulator, try placing a jumper from S1 to S0 or M0. If still the front green led of usb as floppy emulator does not comes up while accessing, please get back with complete details of machine version and the old floppy drive installed.

Question. We have installed the floppy drive to usb adapter, but when we plug in the flash drive the front Led’s start flickering. What could be the issue?

Answer. The data cable is plugged in reverse direction at the back of floppy disk to usb emulator. Reverse the direction of  cable connections of usb as floppy disk adapter.

Question. When we insert a usb flash disk with data in floppy to usb emulator, it shows the contents, but on reading gives error “Disk Not Ready” or “Unable to read” or “Disk unformatted”. How to resolve this error and successfully read usb as floppy?

Answer. We would require the complete configuration of your machine, along with the details of old floppy drive which was installed. Few jumper setting, need to be done at floppy to usb emulator end, which could be done once we receive the data required.

Question. We bought the floppy to usb adapter for Haas CNC. But on receiving the floppy drive to usb we found that one pin is blocked at cable end so it could not be fit in the floppy emulator. Please suggest? Do we need another version to make usb as floppy disk to solve our purpose?

Answer. Actually there are several CNC , EDM , Robotics machines which have those pins blocked. You have 2 solutions to make usb flash as floppy disk, either you can just remove/cut that pin at the floppy to usb adapter end, or if you try to push the cable a little harder while inserting into floppy drive to usb emulator, the blocked pin in FDD interface Cable would get unblocked. By this there will be no damage done to the equipment or the floppy disk to usb emulator as these are all grounding connections which are internally connected together.

Question. We are trying to use the software bundled with the floppy disk to usb adapter with windows 7, but it’s not working. Is there any compatibility issue ?

Answer. Firstly, this software is generally required in case of version of floppy to usb  is 1.44U100 , 720 KB U100  and USB floppy emulator. It is not at all required in case of other usb as floppy emulator. Currently, the software has some issues with Windows-7 when you trying working in multi-block version. However we have a workaround solution for Windows 7 (32-bit). Please mail us for the details of that process. Rest the updated version will be uploaded as it is developed.

Question. I have a CNC machine with two floppy drives attached. One acting as a:  ( System Boot Disk ) and the other as b: ( data access ). When we try to install two of your floppy to usb , the machine does not recognize both usb as floppy disk, but when we remove either of the floppy drive to usb converters , the a: gets detected. Can we not install both floppy disk to usb at a time on the same fdd cable?

Answer. If you are to install two floppy to usb on same fdd channel, you need to manually configure the two usb as floppy disk converters. You will notice a twist in the fdd cable. The floppy to usb which will have jumper on S1 will act as A: and will be plugged on the end of twist. And the floppy drive to usb converter that has to act as b: will be plugged before the twist , but the jumper installed at S0.