Guide for Floppy to USB Format and Partitioning Software Manual

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What this floppy disk to usb software actually does ?

Briefly saying this usb as floppy software is a masterpiece application which has been developed  to do some astonishing hard jobs on a simple click of a mouse. This floppy drive to usb format application will detect the usb storage devices plugged and installed on your computer system. You have to first select the number of disks you want to access on a single usb flash drive when plugged on floppy to usb, by making a choice between two tags marked as "Single Block format" and "Multi Block Format". The single block format will equate your usb flash drive with the size of one floppy disk. It means if the floppy to usb flash disk is formatted  using this option, your usb flash drive will be reduced to one floppy disk size. In the multi block format , you can equate single usb flash drive with upto 100 floppy disks. Once usb storage device is selected , then you can select the option of the format size from 1.44mb , 1.2mb , 720 kb and number of partitions you want to create ( in Multi Block edition ) of the selected format size. This usb as floppy software partitions and formats each partitions created in the selected size. Each partitions ( labeled as floppy0 to floppy99 ) can store individually different contents which can be accessed using  the floppy drive to usb software by selecting the required block from the drop down menu. The floppy drive to usb software will then activate and assign the usb flash drive letter to that selected block. On the other end you can access these blocks as individual and  independent floppy disks when plugged in the floppy disk to usb converter. You can change in the blocks by pressing the the two switches on the front of usb as floppy.

When is this software required and which version of floppy to usb would require the use of this usb as floppy software ?

The software is required when our machines require to perform track by track and sector be sector read and write process on the usb flash disk , as if it were working in floppy disk and not usb flash drive , there by using usb as floppy. These type of applications are generally required when machines uses propriety operating systems other than FAT types. This floppy to usb software is must for use with models 1.44U100 , 720 kb U100 and 1.44 USB Floppy.   

Working of Single Block Format of floppy drive to usb software

Floppy to usb softwareThis option is used to format a usb flash drive into one single floppy disk size. Steps involved are as below :


1.) Click on "Single Block Format"

2.) Select the usb storage device (Flash Drive) which you need to use in floppy to usb.

3.) Click on the format size option ( 720 K , 1.2M , 1.44M

4.) Click "Ready to Format"

You will be prompted to be sure as the data would be lost. Click yes and you are done with the job.



                                                                                                                                         Figure 2.1 


Working of Multi-Block Format of USB as floppy software


Please Note that Multi Format Option does not work in Windows 7 (64 Bit version)


Floppy drive to usb software



This option is used when you want to divide usb flash drive into several floppy disks, so that use the maximum space of usb flash disk while using on usb as floppy emulator.

Steps involved are as below.



1.) Click on Multi-Block Format



2.) Select the USB Flash drive you want to use to make blocks.


Caution !!  Please make sure that you select the right USB Flash storage, as formatting will delete all the data , which may not be recoverable.


                                                                                     Figure 2.2 


3.) Then click the Check Box named "Start(select)/Close (Unselect) Multi Floppy Service"     As you select the Check Box a Popup Windows will poFloppy drive to usb softwarep as below




4.) Click Ok.




Floppy to usb software






5.) As you click ok you will see that the Multi-Block service check box will be checked. As the usb flash drive you have selected has not been formatted using this service , the Select Floppy Block option will indicate the status as "NO:0: UNFORMATTED"










                                                                                                 Figure 2.3


Floppy disk to usb






6.) Just select the format size you want to format the USB flash drive into so that it gets compatible with your floppy to usb emulator. The relevant options available are 720 K, 1.2M, 1.44M.  ( Figure 2.4 )


7.) Enter the number of Floppy Blocks you want to make on single usb flash drive in the floppy block column , just below the Floppy Type section.


8.)And then click Batch Format.



                                                                                                 Figure 2.4


Floppy to USB Emulator


9.) As you select the Batch Format a warning window will popup saying "Data would be deleted after format" Click OK.





Floppy Emulator





10.) You will now see the progress indicator and will be notified with the number of block that is being created and formatted. Please make sure that this process takes atleast 90 seconds to format . If in case the format completes in the blink of and eye , it means that it is false indicator and something is wrong and your usb flash drive will not work on floppy to usb. There could be a virus in you system. Please check.


11.) Provided all goes good, you will be prompted with Success message. Click OK.




Floppy to usb software


12.) Once the flash drive is formatted, it is ready to be used in floppy to usb. You will see that "Select Floppy Block" now contains a block indicator of Flppy0. And if you click the drop down menu , you will see the list of all the blocks created by floppy drive to usb software. You can simply select any block. Each block will be referred to as the same drive letter as the usb flash drive was. But if we see the properties of each block the size would have been reduced to 1.38 mb i.e One floppy disk of 1.44 mb.













Floppy to usb software

13.) To validate the correct formatting f usb flash drive before being used in usb as floppy emulator, please unplug and replug the usb flash drive in computer's usb port. Then see its properties in My Computer. The block size should be 1.38 mb ( Incase the the format size selected was 1.44M )


















Current Limitations on Floppy to USB partitioning software


1) Currently this floppy to usb application can only format in 3 format sizes.

2) This usb as floppy application can only handle upto 100 floppy blocks.

3) This floppy to usb application is not compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit) version.