Use Floppy to usb to make USB as floppy

No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Simply install floppy to usb


Floppy to USB 720 kb Double Density emulator ( 34 Pin Interface )- Format Version

Note : Before we start the use of this floppy to usb emulator, some of the important things need to be kept in notice. In the instance of usb drive not inserted in the usb port of usb as floppy, the 8 Segment display of floppy drive to usb will show "0.0." ( Note the two dots in between the two Zero's). These dots usually perform an important role in this floppy drive to usb type. These dots must vanish as usb disk is plugged in port of floppy drive to usb converter. In absence of usb disc in the usb interface of floppy to usb these dots must appear. In case even after plugging in the usb flash drive the dots do not vanish, will reflect that the usb flash being used is not compatible with  this version of floppy to usb converter or rather to be precise is not USB 1.0 backward compatible. Because this type of floppy to usb assumes the usb as floppy  disk it performs all actions on the usb flash by sectors and tracks, these floppy drive emulators have direct access to the usb media. We recommend the flash drives which are backward compatible with USB 1.0 interface. Few of these are like Kingston and HP. Also suggested not to use Sandisc and Transcend makes as they are minimum usb 2.0 compatible. Additional event  to keep a tap of before we start working on these floppy drive to emulators is that the usb flash drive must be formatted and partitioned in 720 kb format with floppy to usb software provided along with the floppy disc to usb emulator. Unformatted usb disks, will not be read in floppy to usb emulator. The front of the floppy disc to usb converter has two buttons for selecting the partitions created using floppy disk to usb software. These switches work only when usb flash is inserted in.


Main features : 720 KB Double Density usb as floppy drive emulator

* Capable of reading and writing in Non-Dos formats alongwith FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32

* Stores files and data equal to 100 floppy disks on one USB drive

* Can reads and write on the usb like physical floppy disk, treats usb as floppy disk

* Jumper settings can enable Ready Signal and Slow Motor read speed support

* Capable of booting from usb , just like propriety floppy discs

* Write back process is simple as it assumes usb as floppy disk


Use the usb as Floppy to Read and write data to and from machine

1) By applying the floppy disc to usb formatting software , select the appropriate partition of  pen drive in which you want to replicate the data to be accessed by the floppy drive to usb emulator which is commissioned in the machine. After selecting the required folder, initiate the  copy of data or the needed files to accessed in floppy drive to usb computer.

Floppy to usb

2) After the transfer of the data is successful from computer to the selected partition of preformatted usb flash drive, plug the usb flash in the usb port of floppy drive to usb emulator. After inserting the usb flash in the usb port you will notice the change of display from 0.0. to 00. This change confirms that the usb has been accepted by the floppy drive emulator.

3) Once the usb has been accepted by floppy to usb emulator, user may start accessing the data as and when required. This access is happening directly on the usb flash drive and the emulator is treating usb as floppy. While accessing the green led in the front of floppy drive to usb emulator will turn on. 

4) User can change the partition number on the fly ( green led should be off ) , without plugging out the usb flash drive from floppy drive emulator. The left one advances the counts by tens and the right one of the floppy drive to usb does by one's.

Products compatible with floppy disc to usb emulator

This type of floppy drive to usb emulator is suggested for the machines those access data in Non-Dos formats, or need boot process from floppy disk. This type of usb as floppy emulator has been tested for products like

1) Textile Machines - Tajima , Melco and others.

2) CNC Machines - Charmilles, Seib and Meyer and many more.

3) Musical Instruments - Yamaha , Roland , Kawai and many more.


Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB


Successful alternative for 720 Kb Double density with Non Dos and Boot Floppy option


USB as floppy Interface Options - 34 Pin


Physical size of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5"