Make USB as Floppy by using Floppy Disk to USB

No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Simply install floppy to usb

Manual - Floppy Disk to USB Universal emulator 720 kb Double Density ( 34 Pin Interface )


Note : Before we start using the USB as floppy emulator, few instructions are to be kept in mind. The front of the floppy to usb emulator has two buttons. These buttons perform two different functions. They function differently in two ways, one instance is when usb flash is plugged in the floppy disk drive to usb and the one instance is when usb flash is not inserted in floppy to usb. When flash drive is not inserted in the floppy disk to usb these buttons perform function of choosing the folder in flash disk. The  key on the left is for advancement by 10 (pressing this button every time will increase the counter of floppy drive to usb converter by 10), and the key on the right is single digit (pressing this button of floppy disc to usb emulator each time will increase the block of floppy disk to usb emulator by 1). So if you try want to reach or access block number 25, user should press left switch two times and right switch 5 times. Once the USB flash drive is inserted in the usb port floppy disk to usb conversion unit, the two buttons perform the function of Data Out and Data In. (eg:  Once selected the block number 25 from the buttons of floppy disc to usb), just plug the usb flash into floppy to usb converter which is installed on the machine. Inserting the USB Flash disk in usb port of floppy disk to usb will show D0 on the front display and will initiate as request of copying data from block whose name is starting with 025 in usb drive to the 2mb inbuilt storage memory floppy disk to usb upgrade. Folders may also be named as anything starting with 025*******, where * may be any other valid character.


Features and advantages of  Universal 720 KB Double Density floppy drive to usb

* Integrated memory of 2 MB in floppy drive to usb converter makes transfer faster

* There is zero need to format the USB flash drive through floppy disc to usb software

* USB disk can be made to use its full capacity

* This floppy to usb can directly access data from usb drive

* This version of floppy disk to usb converter can writer back to USB flash drive. These functions can be performed using front buttons.

* This floppy drive to usb is capable of reading dos formats FAT-12 and above


How to use usb as floppy drive emulator to input data in the equipment

1) Copy the data from PC to the root folder  (root folder of usb flash drive is assigned with 00 on 8-Segment display of floppy drive to usb emulator) or in the required folder of USB flash disk.

Floppy to usb

2) After coping the data on flash drive, and before inserting the flash drive in floppy to usb, change the folder on the floppy disk to usb emulator as 00 or select the required folder.

3) Once you have selected the folder in floppy to usb, plug the USB disk in the floppy drive to usb upgrade. The display on the floppy disc to usb will change to D0 as the usb disk is inserted in the usb port of floppy drive to usb. D0 reflects means that the 1.44 mb data is the selected folder is being replicated in the memory of usb as floppy drive emulator. To move the remaining data if any, press the IN button ( the right  switch ) again. The 8 segment will display D0 again for a few seconds until the the next portion of remaining data is moved in the floppy to usb emulator memory. 

How to use usb as Floppy drive emulator to write back data in USB flash drive

1) Without inserting the usb disk in the floppy to usb select the 8 segment as `00’or the folder you want to write back into the usb flash drive. Plug in the flash disk in the usb as floppy drive emulator and wait till the 8 segment displays numbers, now press the OUT switch ( the left switch ). As you press the left switch of floppy disk drive to usb the 8 segment will display d1. Again wait till the the display on floppy disk drive to usb returns back as digits.

Floppy Disk Drive to USB

2) Now user can do the required changes on the machine as per needs. After making the changes transfer the data from equipment to the Floppy drive. The green indicator in front will glow green, indicating the busy status of floppy drive to usb.

3) As the green indication of the floppy disk drive to usb goes off, press the left switch once again. D2 will be displayed on the 8 segment of usb as floppy indicating the status that the data in internal storage of floppy drive to usb  being replicated in the selected folder on USB disk.

Zero customization, upgradation of equipment firmware or any circuit modifications are needed at user or machine end!
Just Plug and Play!

Floppy to USB Converter
Ports, buttons and display of the Floppy to usb emulator Original Color of the product may differ )


Technical details of Floppy Drive to USB


Successful alternative for 720 KB double Density


USB as floppy Interface Options - 34 Pin


Physical Dimensions of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5"