Use Floppy to usb to make USB as floppy

No more floppy disk and floppy drive !!! Simply install floppy to usb


Floppy to USB 1.44 mb emulator ( 26 Pin Ziff Type )

Note : These floppy to usb emulators are half height of slim version of floppy drive emulators. These are normally an option for those working with slim version or the laptop height floppy drives. Also to note that these floppy drive to usb emulators have 26 pin Ziff type socket connector without any power connector, instead of standard 34 pin interface alongwith +5 v DC power supply. These usb as floppy drive emulators withdraw its power from the 26 pin Ziff ribbon cable type data lead. This type of floppy to usb version does not have the display led in front. The two buttons in the front of floppy drive to usb converter play the role of data in and data out. These floppy disk to usb converter have internal storage memory of 1.44 mb. So the data files on the usb root can only be accessed by this floppy disc to usb converter. These floppy drive to usb converters do not support Non-Dos formats and boot floppy option. The right button of the floppy to usb emulator will transfer files from root folder of usb flash into the memory of usb as floppy drive emulator. And the left button just does the reverse. Recommended usb flash drives those are backward compatible with USB 1.0 interface are like Kingston , HP. You need not format the usb flash drives using the floppy to usb formatting software. 


Main features : 1.44 MB 26 Pin Ziff type usb as floppy drive emulator

* Capable of reading and writing in Dos formats FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32

* Only root directory of the usb can be read Floppy to usb

* Utilizes full capacity of usb flash drive

* Jumper settings can enable Ready Signal and Slow Motor read speed support

* Can read and write directly from usb flash drive

* No need to format usb flash with floppy to usb software before working on this type of floppy drive to emulator


Use the usb as Floppy to Read data to and from machine

1) Simply copy or transfer the data files those are required to be accessed in machine using the floppy disk to usb converter from computer to the root directory of usb flash disk.

Floppy to usb

2) After the copying of the data is successful from computer to the root directory usb flash drive, insert the usb disc in the port of floppy drive to usb emulator. After inserting the usb flash in the data port of floppy to usb converter you will notice the red led in front will lit on. This confirms that the usb has been accepted by the floppy drive emulator and the first portion of 1.44 mb data files ( sorted in alphabetical order ) in the root directory of flash disc are being copied in the internal memory of floppy disk to usb emulator. This led will go off in 20-25 seconds.

3) Once the light goes off , you are ready to access the data. Start performing the necessary action as you did in the case of old floppy disk drive. While accessing the green led in the front of floppy drive to usb emulator will turn on. 

4) If you have more than 1.44 mb data files on the usb disc , and you are finished with the 1st portion , press the right ( IN ) button once again , and the 2nd part of files will move in memory of floppy to usb converter to be accessed.


Use the usb as Floppy to write data to and from machine

1) Plug the usb disc in the port of usb as floppy drive emulator. The led will glow. After 20-25 seconds the light will go off. Wait for this light to go off.

2) After the light of floppy to usb converter goes off, press  the out button ( left ).

3) Now start transferring the data from the equipment, as if you were writing on the floppy disk. As you starting transferring the data the light on the floppy drive to usb will again glow. This for 3 seconds after the light goes off to do the next step. By now we have managed to transfer data from the equipment to the internal storage of floppy to usb converter.

4) Once transfer process is complete, press the out button ( Left ) once again. This will initiate transfer of files from the memory of floppy drive to usb to the root directory of the usb disc plugged in. Any files with duplicate names will be overwritten.


Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB


Successful alternative for 1.44 MB with Dos support


USB as floppy Interface Options - 26 pin Ziff type


Physical size of floppy to usb - Slim , Half Height , Laptop type