Make USB as Floppy by using Floppy to USB

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Manual - Floppy to USB 1.44 Mb emulator ( 34 Pin Interface )- Format Version

Note : Prior to the use of this version of floppy to usb emulator, few noticeable things should be kept in mind. When the usb flash drive is not plugged in the usb port of usb as floppy, the front display of floppy drive to usb will display "0.0." ( please notice the 2 dots in between the Zero's). These dots play very important role in this version of floppy drive to usb emulator. These dots should disappear when you plug-in the usb disk in the port of floppy disc to usb converter. Without the usb plugged in the usb, floppy disc to usb should show these dots. If after plugging in the usb disk these dots do not disappear, means that the usb disk you are using is not compatible with  this version of floppy to usb converter. As this version of floppy to usb treats the usb single floppy disk and processes the data sector by sector and track by track, these floppy drive emulators perform data access at same speed of floppy drives. The recommended flash drives are those which are USB 1.0 backward compatible like Kingston, HP. We suggest not to use Sandisc / Transcend make usb disks. Another important thing to keep in mind before we start with these floppy drive to emulators is that the usb disk should be formatted in 1.44 mb format size using the floppy disc to usb software ( either in single  block of in multi-block version ). If we do not format the usb disk , it will not be read in floppy to usb emulator. On the front of this floppy disk to usb converter it has two switches. These switches perform task of changing the virtual discs when usb is plugged in. Also recommended is to change the block number to 00 while unplugging the flash disk.


Features :  1.44mbU100 usb as floppy drive emulator

* Can read and write in non-dos formats alongwith FAT12, FAT16, FAT32

* Can store data of upto 100 floppy disks on a single USB drive

* Reads and writes the usb like physical floppy disk ( sector by sector and track by track )

* Supports ready signal and slow motor read speed

* Supports boot floppy function

* Write back process directly writes treating usb as floppy disk


Using the usb as Floppy emulator to Read and write data in the machine

1) Using the floppy disc to usb formatting software select the block in which you would like to copy the data that has to be used in the floppy drive to usb emulator installed in the equipment. Once the folder has been selected copy the data or the needed files to be input in floppy drive to usb from source computer to the USB Flash or otherwise in the selected partition of USB disk.

Floppy to usb

2) Once you have the selected files have been copied on the usb disk, insert the flash drive in the usb port of floppy drive to usb emulator. As you insert the flash in usb the display will change from 0.0. to 00 , reflecting that the usb has been accepted by floppy drive emulator.

3) You can just starting reading of writing the necessary files directly from the usb disk. In this version of floppy drive to usb emulator any changes are directly done on the flash drive. The green indicator will be on while reading and writing. 

4) You can change the disc number on the emulator on the run. Once the green indication is off, you can change the floppy partitions on the run , by just pressing the buttons in front. You need not unplug the flash drive from floppy to usb emulator as we do in case of floppy to usb GU series

Products in which this version of floppy disc to usb emulator can be used

This version of floppy drive to usb emulator is most recommended for the equipments which work on Non-Dos platforms , or require boot process from floppy. Also this version has been tested for products like

1) Textile Machines - Bonas , Staubli, Grosse, Few Tajima versions, Fukuhara, Stoll, Protti, Muller, Lasser , Saurer, ZSK, SWF and many more.

2) CNC Machines - Haas, fadal, ABB robots, Charmilles, Kuka robots , Jumberca machines, ESAB , Okuma , Electronica and many more.

3) Musical Instruments - Yamaha , Korg, Kerton, Roland and many more.


Specifications of Floppy Drive to USB


Successful alternative for 1.44MB with Non Dos Support and Boot Floppy disk option


USB as floppy Interface Options - 34 Pin


Physical Dimensions of floppy to usb - Standard 3.5"